A series of interactive engagements took place during the meetings, and it was aimed at increased understanding of the essence of ICDT formation and its processes. As greater understanding of the program concepts leads to greater ownership of the program, so the program ideas was consistently shared thereby increasing the program ownership. The meetings necessitated increased understanding of the program ideals and helped the stakeholders to internalize each step in the process.

The meetings took place in all the three Sub Counties of Isiolo and within the ten wards.

The objectives of these meetings were as follows.

i. To increase understanding of ICDT and its benefit to the stakeholders.

ii. To prepare the stakeholders for the upcoming membership drive.

iii. To build strategic partnerships with a range of development actors at theCounty, and National level.

iv. To create awareness of ICDT and increase its visibility.

v. To Create buy-in of ICDT from other partners without treating ICDT as a competitor rather than as a collaborative partner.

vi. To mobilize for membership and networking.

The outcome of the meetings
1. An informed stakeholders/member on what ICDT entails in terms of the history and the plans and its benefit to potential members.
2. Strategic partnerships built with a range of development actors thus helping in achieving the ICDT objectives.
3. Increased partnership between ICDT in both the County and the National government.
4. Enlightened members/ stakeholders who are willing and ready to join the ICDT membership once the membership drive starts.
5. Increased linkage of ICDT and the community through the provision of nexus between the two.
6. Increased ownership and legitimacy of ICDT among the Isiolo Community through its CSO/Special group and the County/ National government.
7. Commitment by the County government to involve the ICDT in their development plans for instance the development of the County Integrated
Development Plans.
8. Greater understanding by all the internal stakeholders has led to greater ownership of ICDT thereby making it easy for the internal stakeholders selling the idea of ICDT to external stakeholders.
9. The internal stakeholders voiced their opinions on better ways to make ICDT successful for instance the setting up of registration costs.
10. There was greater clarity and shared vision for ICDT among the internal stakeholders.
11. Commitment by the national government to involve ICDT in the planning of the development agenda. This was done by the Isiolo County Commissioner

ICDT is a member of County Steering Group which coordinates the activities between the government departments and the non-state actors. This includes all the USAID funded partners.

ICDT is also a member of Isiolo Civil Society Network (ICCN) which coordinates the civil society organizations within Isiolo.